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PC Series -- 1IN/1OUT

PC Series UPS is an Double-conversion Online UPS with isolation transformer, offering high levels of reliability and performanance for all kinds of load, like IT systems,banking,communications, medical service and industrial applications, its perfect reliability and performance make it most popular..

Environment friendly, high efficiency and high reliability provides the lowest Cost

The entire PC Series range is suited for use in the broadest spectrum of applications; thanks to the flexibility of configuration, accessories and options available, it is suited for powering capacitive loads such as blade servers, etc.




True online double conversion topology

Advanced IGBT inverter control technology.

Super wide input voltage/frequency range, adapt to harsh utility environments.

Higher overload capacity and output short-tolerant ability

Input THDI<4.5%.

Output power factor 0.9,

Inbuilt Galvanic isolation transformer

Super overload capacity and output short-tolerant ability, maximize protect load even under abnormal conditions.

Advanced intelligent battery management, self diagnose technology, extend battery life. Redundant control power, increase even higher system reliability.