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Hybrid Solar Inverter

Our hybrid solar inverters are designed with extreme flexibility so that you can add panels as and when required in the future to increase the percentage sharing of solar power. Hybrid Solar power generation is a clean energy system that generates electricity from sunlight that falls on the eart.It can be used large buildings,factories and residential homes.the heart of the inverter is a real-time DSP controller. The controller executes the very precise algorithms required to invert the DC voltage generated by the solar module into AC.

Environment friendly, high efficiency and high reliability provides the lowest Cost




DSP based intelligent control.

Full bridge configuration based on power MOSFETs.

Super wide input voltage/frequency range, adapt to harsh utility environments.

Higher overload capacity and output short-tolerant ability

Protection against High Voltage mains input and Reverse Polarity.

SMPS type constant current charger with full charge cutoff.

Intelligent self diagnosis, mass memory to record operation log.

Pure sinewave output resulting in silent operation of motor and fans.Ideal for Mixed load application.

Configurable AC/Solar input priority via LCD setting.

Auto restart while AC is recovering

Cold start function