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SM Series -- SMPS

We also are manufacturers of SMPS BATTERY CHARGERS.
SMPS Battery Charger is based on high frequency switching and hence, it becomes highly efficient, compact and light weight. It also accepts wide input voltage range and delivers almost ripple free DC output. Due to the above features of the SMPS Battery Charger, batteries get charged in a shorter span, more efficiently besides increasing the life. This Battery Charger works on genset as well as on the Mains supply. These types of battery chargers are suitable for cyclic use as well as standby use.

Environment friendly, high efficiency and high reliability provides the lowest Cost




Wide input range i.e. from 180 to 260 V AC.

Short circuit, Reverse Polarity Protection.

Over current protection.

Over Charging protection.

Automatic CC/CV Mode.

Ripple is less than 1%.