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HS Series

HS Series Inverter DSP based digital sine wave inverter with full bridge configuration topology MOSFET switches.This inverter is best suited for domestic applications as it is simple and easy.LCD display for indicating various status of the system like inverter voltage, mains voltage, battery voltage, load, overload/short circuit status, battery low status, charger status etc.

Environment friendly, high efficiency and high reliability provides the lowest Cost

It consists of a LCD which will display all the parameters of the system and indicates any error during the functioning of the inverter etc.




DSP based intelligent control.

Full bridge configuration based on power MOSFETs.

Super wide input voltage/frequency range, adapt to harsh utility environments.

Higher overload capacity and output short-tolerant ability

Protection against High Voltage mains input and Reverse Polarity.

SMPS type constant current charger with full charge cutoff.

Intelligent self diagnosis, mass memory to record operation log.

Pure sinewave output resulting in silent operation of motor and fans.Ideal for Mixed load application.