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Micro Series - - Single Phase

We are the leading manufacturers and supplier of Air cooled Servo stabilizers with microprocessor based technology that help in preventing data loss and the output is fully isolated by double conversion & isolation transformer. Moreover, we also offer with remote monitoring & control through SNPB and Internet.

Environment friendly, high efficiency and high reliability provides the lowest Cost




Corrects voltage automatically and continuously.

Induction motors operate at high efficiency when lupplied with constant Voltage.

Protests costly equipments from menace of High I Low Voltage, thus cutting down the maintenance cost.

Low Production losses & better efficiency in plant.

Capacity: 1 KVA to 50 KVA

Voltage Range: 160V - 260V, 140V - 270V

Cooling : Air/ oil as per requirement

Response Time : Less than 100ms.

Mounting : On Wheels

Earthing : Earthing Terminals Provides